Austin City Limits: Day 3

It's Sunday and Tricia and I are existing in this strange limbo state between excited for the final day of Austin City Limits, and wanting to lay in bed the entire day and sleep.

We had decided before coming to Texas that we weren't interested enough in the bands on the third day to show up too early, and after the grueling first couple of days, we agreed that was still a good idea.

First things was Sunday and the Browns were playing Pittsburgh and we were in Austin, Texas. I found a Browns Backers bar not far from where we were staying at some place called the Midway Field House so we headed there to watch the game.

This was an awesome experience. The place was packed full of browns fans...honestly, more than I've ever seen at any establishment in Columbus. In Ohio, most of the people cheer for the Bengals or the Steelers so it was refreshing to be 1,200 miles from home and see such a following. I sat directly beside the president of the Jacksonville chapter of the Browns Backers and shared happiness with Tricia, and 100+ drunk fans. It was so much fun!

On to the concert...we got there between 5:30 - 6:00 PM. We got the bright idea to inch near the stage that Pearl Jam would be playing on two hours later...which wasn't bad because The Replacements were up there rocking pretty hard.

We made it to around the 20th row of people by the time The Replacements left the stage and then the pain began. Thousands of people rushed toward the stage, essentially compressing the existing crowd together to 1/10th it's previous span and you were guaranteed to smell every armpit in the area.

Worse, you'd get the random meathead who'd decide he and his girlfriend were going to be front-row and start trying to push through the layers of people.

After an hour of squished sweat, Pearl Jam appeared on stage and started their typical ass-kicking show. Seriously, I love watching these guys perform. They leave nothing on the stage and no show is the same. For a band who spent much of the 90's doing their best to sabotage their own success, they spare no amount of energy pleasing the audience who pay for their shows.

About halfway through the set we fell back about 20 rows. We were crammed in too tightly and the stench and heat of bodies were too much. It's hard to explain but we could see better from a bit further back, and it felt about 20 degrees cooler. We finished watching their set until time was about to expire (we left in the middle of a cover of Baba O'Riley) and started our way back.

Since we hadn't eaten in quite a while, we hit up a Denny's just down the street from the hotel. Tricia had never been there and I hadn't been to a Denny's since high school. It was as dirty and delicious as I remember.

Back at the hotel, neither of us were long for the night. We had just spent three amazing days eating at places we had never been and watching some of the most popular acts perform live.

I slipped asleep that last night with Head Full of Doubt still running through my mind.

Can't wait for next year.

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